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Project Description

The Pixel Replacer is a simple library for replacing pixel colors with a new color, by setting a filter rule.

Why are we doing this?

The Printer Problem
Maybe you know the moment, when you have to print out a sheet, which background is blue or yellow or something like that. And maybe it is a scanned document, so you have a gradient from black to a mixed yellow. Now, you can print it with the gradient background or try to set the background to white with the Microsoft Word function which replaces colors or with Adobe Photoshop.
If you choose the first to print it out without manipulation of the background color, you're printer is gonna ask you quickly for a new toner cartridge, believe me ;). Second variant is not really quickly and you have to do a lot of work because the picture is so fuzzy.

With this algorithm, you can replace the all colors from Yellow to Black with just 3 values to set. It's easy, simple and fast!

The Carpet Problem
Maybe another example is, if you have a picture of a car which is standing on a purple carpet. So, maybe this looks great, but you want to have a gray underground. With this algorithm you can completely replace the carpet color with yours, and the colors will be mixed up automatically.


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